A laugh

Hey Alice! Here's an idea the next time that internet service goes on the blink....

Too bad this comic didnt come up a couple days ago....I coulda used it for that entry!


Just one

There's just one in the Main Blog today.

There may be an update in a few days depending on how tomorrow goes (if Im really excited about things I'll write sooner..)

Oh...and there's new music up on this page.


Another Two-fer!!

Yep...two more entries in the Main Blog area.

I felt the one really deserved an entry all on it's own. Sad how may people we've lost this week and a half. Not only Heath Ledger, but Susan Plechette (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0687189/) and Allan Melvin. Allan's name may not look familiar to you unless you are fond of those old tv programs like The Brady Bunch. http://www.nationalledger.com/artman/publish/article_272618351.shtml


Two-fer and it aint even Tuesday!!!

There are 2...count em 2....new entries up in the Main blog area today. I think it gets everyone pretty much caught up now. Whooot! We're into find a place mode so most of my blogs may talk about either that or the snow...pretty boring stuff I know.


More of last week

The next two days are up in the Main Blog. I split it into 2 entries. The one is pix from gramma's house and one from the hotel later. The other deals with the trip in.
The pic above was taken from my balcony. It actually snowed all day long and much more is on the ground. The car next to the garage is our Gran Torino...the idiots delivered it the other day. It was *SUPPOSED* to go into storage. That pic is going to trim down nicely for a wallpaper in one of my blog areas. We're supposed to get more snow Saturday.


Next entry up

Sorry for the delay. Im still trying to get into a pattern here. It's hard as we're down to the one computer and we're still running some errands. Later today we'll prolly be heading to the first of the few apartments that we found that are reasonably priced. While out Im sure there will be some exploring to do. We may end up staying home though depending on how badly the storm hits us (YAY SNOW!!!).


First entry up

Had a rather uneventful day here today and got in earlier than planned (we stopped an hour out as the hotel costs are outrageous in Manassas and since we have to foot the cost FIRST...well). As such, I've started getting the actual entries up. First entry is Sunday and Monday of last week. I'll see how our service is once we get into the housing.



Still cheating..LOL

Yeah, so, I'm still cheating. I'll be starting the travel blog once we get into corporate housing (assuming the 'net service there is decent). Thing is we get back to the hotel room after a long day and then I let hubby use the puter first...mostly because he falls asleep before I do anyhow. By the time I get through my emails and all the other stuff I normally read it's past midnight and I certainly do NOT feel like typing a huge entry at that point. Infact the bed is calling out to me right now......damn cat's making it looks so comfy....

Really gotta get to bed in a few minutes as it's gonna be another long day.....


Im cheating

As I dont have the cord to get the pix off my camera (and there's definitely a few I wanna use), I cheated and simply updated the last blog entry in the Main. I'll just keep Cliff Noting there so you have the highlights. Scroll to the bottom for updates...I'll separate each addition with a line of ****. If I dont update for some reason, that means I got thrown into prison for throttling the crap out of my MIL. LOL Just kidding, just means Im tired and crawled into bed.

PS....I've already adjusted my weather thingy over there to reflect the new location....


A smile for today

An entry went up in the Main Blog last night. I hope everyone's having a good day today!
EDIT: 5:05pm: Today's entry is up. Going to try and put entries up regularily even with as busy as we are....at least until the move is done. Otherwise I'll end up with a marathon set of entires like in August 2006 ;). Certainly dont want that now do we?