An anniversary

Those 3 pictures pretty much say it all. Today is my anniversary, an anniversary of freedom. Something snapped, the chains broke, I ran and took flight for the first time in my life. It was the year 2003 and the day before the taxes were due. I left my little goodbyes...namely his tax stuff in my rocker, a factory standards computer with all info wiped clean off the harddrive, and a note where I thought for sure he'd find it right away. Who'd thunk it would be 3am the next day before he found that. Shoulda left the wedding ring right away, maybe he would have realized I was giving him the alternate finger and leaving instead of him thinking I was coming back. Over the last couple years, I hadnt given it a second thought. This year, however, things are different. I was asked by Chicagolady last night why after a couple years Im thinking of it again. Simply put...a blog entry and location. Ironic the location Im living in....he'd have loved it with all the battlefields and other historical places so close at hand. Here I am, in the last possible place I would have wanted to be (the story of our honeymoon comes to mind where if I wanted a week in the Poconos I had to spend a week touring these very battlefields...*ugh*), smack in Civil War country. Truly ironic. Worse yet Im reminded by my buddy iggy's blog that this is the time the Titanic sank. I wonder if the ex has ever made that connection yet. More than likely he has as that's the only way he can remember dates, by the historical significance of the day (the one birthday he DID remember was his niece's because she was born on Pearl Harbor Day...). Anyhow, Ive been feeling nostalgic as of late and reminded of things I'd much rather forget and realizing that it's time to break some chains for good.

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AliceKay said...



Intense Guy said...

I did not know the date had a personal significance to you -

It took a lot courage for you to stand up and leave... and courage to move back into the area, but this time you have Ranger... and it can and will be different.


LadyStyx said...

yep, as does January 28th...that one's Independence Day (the day the judge signed the papers freeing me from his garbage).

*HUGZ* thanks. Yes...today was a step towards better tomorrows.

ChicagoLady said...

You have done some very brave things in your life, that you should be proud of. There are so many wonderful tomorrows yet to come because of it. Hugs!