Emptying my inbox *again*

Im working this site today. New stuff (Im still adding so this list will change today a couple more times):

Jokes: Several jokes added

Inspirationally Speaking: Picture added and a link with the answer to the puzzle has been added to the comments section.

The Main Blog: Entry was dropped in there 2 days ago. If I dont get sidetracked another may go in tonight.

The Padded Room: No new entries yet simply because the last several times I tried to write I ended up with migraines. After talking with a good friend yesterday I still need to decide whether or not to continue those entries. I mean life is so good now why drudge up that crap again? On the other hand if this is helping someone, let me know and I'll try to keep going with it.

Crafts Page: nothing new now but once I get this TH set up, that page may get an overhaul. Im not sure yet.

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