There are 3 entries (and quite lengthy each) in the Main Blog. Im playing catch up and since I was having a hard time remembering what came when, I figured I'd break it down by room for the home updates and throw in the plumber visit while I was at it. We were out this week and I got pix of the trees that are blooming (which I suspect Im allergic to...happens everywhere so I've come to expect it), and the trip to the Social Security office and the trip to the DMV. Oh and the pic of me in the one blog was taken Tuesday morning so it's the most recent one there is. Ugh it's also the worst DMV photo I've ever taken!

Ignore the time/date stamps...I forgot to fix the time/date after putting new batteries in. Im always doing that.

Oh I've got new decor up and around here too. Still not sure Im liking the Main Blog look yet but it'll do for now.


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