Ohhhh the timing of the edjumakashunalz sometimes I swear. This beaut was in my daily reading today. The timing is beautiful on 2 counts. Firstly, we've yet to move that 1200+ sqft engagement ring of mine back in Texas. At least hubby hasnt said we have....definitely time for him to contact the dude responsible for getting it gone. Secondly, well you'd need to read my friend iggy's blog for the last couple days to understand I guess. Go ahead, ya know ya wanna...his link is over on the right under "links to my friends" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

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Intense Guy said...

Holy cows... the timing is downright spooky! ..and I hope you can sell your place in Texas for a net gain - even in the current housing market.

I found a listing of Community Chest and Chance cards... whooo hoo! And I found some cool pictures of "other" Monopoly Games which I'm sure we can out do... 'cept maybe the SpongeBob SquarePants edition... thats gonna be stiff competition.